Åbo Akademi University as home university

Content of the fist year - Mandatory modules (40 ECTS)

Computer Engineering specialization (40 ECTS)

  • Software Technology I (20 ECTS)

  • ​Software Technology II (20 ECTS)

  • Thematic module (20 ECTS)

Detailed list of courses: https://studiehandboken.abo.fi/en/programme/19418


Computer Science specialization (40 ECTS)

  • Logic and Algorithms (20 ECTS)​

  • ​Project and Practice (20 ECTS)

  • Thematic module (20 ECTS)

Detailed list of courses: https://studiehandboken.abo.fi/en/programme/19432

* In the Project Course, students will develop an IT project in teams over three periods in close contact with external customers from industry. The resulting projects are demonstrated in a popular student event, the ICT Showroom, which is a joint ICT student project competition among the universities in Turku. Many of the projects completed earlier in the course have been done in collaboration with local industry, and some have resulted in new start-up companies.