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Application form and deadline


The funding for this programme has ended. No more applications are accepted.

The upcoming application deadline for the NISS programme, for the academic year 2023-2024, is 01.04.2023. Applicants will receive a decision on their application by 16.04.2023.

Applications should be submitted using the following online application form

The following attachments must be uploaded with your application (in PDF format):
       ● Certificate of enrollment from your home university
       ● Transcript of records from your home university.
       ● Copies of bachelor degree certificate and of the bachelor transcript of records certified by the home university
       ● Proof of identity and citizenship (for ex. copy of ID or passport).

Application requirements


Currently only students already enrolled in an IT master programme at one of the partner universities (Åbo Akademi University, Mälardalen University or University of Reykjavik) can apply to NISS.

Applicants must fulfill the degree requirements, academic prerequisites, and language requirements of the selected host university.

Applicants already enrolled in one of the universities from the consortium are exempted from taking an official English language test when applying to NISS.

Degree requirements:

  • A completed university-level Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or in a closely related field is required for admission.

  • Eligible applicants are selected on the basis of how well the bachelor’s degree corresponds to the programme and on the study merits of the student.

Academic prerequisites:

We expect the applicant to have passed courses in several of these areas:

  • Mathematics

  • Basic computer science courses (e.g. algorithms and data structures, operating systems, computer networks and protocols, compiler construction)

  • Basic courses in computer architecture, computer network or system design

  • Programming courses (e.g. courses in C/C++ or Java programming)

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