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You will find bellow links related to the student life and student accommodation at the partner universities

Reykjavik University

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Student accommodation:

"Thank you for your hard work arranging this exchange and providing us with this opportunity. The whole experience has been really smooth and I've met new friends that I never would have had a chance of meeting otherwise. Going on an exchange is a rewarding experience that I could not even begin to imagine how much it was going to change me and I would recommend it to everyone. I must also say that it feels quite good being able to say one has a double masters."   
Ken Erikson (Åbo Akademi)
"I'm very glad that I had the chance to participate in the NISS programme and that I chose to do so, considering that I was very unsure at first. This last year was probably the best one I've had so far, mostly due to all the people I've met and the friends I've made from all over the world. I'm also glad I chose to stay for the full two semesters, instead of just the half year that I had originally planned on doing, even though Corona virus definitely did affect the final semester. Having experienced 1 year of being an exchange student, I definitely wish I had gone somewhere during my Bachelor's period as well. Getting two master degrees from NISS is obviously also quite nice, and maybe it will give me a bit of an edge now that I'm in the process of searching for my first job without any previous work experience."
Sebastian Tallberg (Åbo Akademi)
“My time in Turku was interesting and exciting in many ways. I think the most interesting part of it was to be able to take part in Finland-Swedish culture. We Swedes really don’t know a whole lot about Swedish Finland or Finland Swedes, even though we speak the same language. I learned a lot of new words and expressions that I still use today, even though I’m back in Sweden. ‘Morkis’, ‘kiva’ and ‘skumvin’ are some of my favourites.
A big difference between Åbo Akademi and the Swedish universities I’ve studied at is how accessible the teachers and other staff are. It’s so easy to contact a teacher outside the scheduled teaching periods.
Turku and Åbo Akademi have such an enjoyable student life that has a lot of similarities and differences with Swedish student culture. I also found that everyone there really liked the fact that someone from Sweden wanted to study at Åbo Akademi, so I felt really welcome. I would definitely recommend Åbo Akademi to my fellow Swedes,”
Joel Öhrling (Mälardalen University)
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